About Anger Management

About The Band

Current band members consist of; father and son team (founder) Joe Morais on Bass and Joe’s recent college graduate son Tim Morais on Keyboards, guitar and vocals. Ralph Abramo on Lead Guitar. The rest of the band members are blood relative cousins; Belmont Fire Department Captain Johnny Pizza, on Drums and local business owner/operators Ronny Eldrige and Bobby Rogers. Both Ronny and Bobby are the Band’s Front men vocalists guaranteed to incite any crowd on the dance floor.

Anger Management Band gig history is based within the Boston and MetroWest areas where the band has played at numerous private parties and familiar stage houses such as Johnny D’s in Somerville, Morris Tavern Natick, Asina Fusin Watertown, and The Flying Bridge Falmouth. Charity events for benefits such as ‘Hearty Meals for All’ Somerville and the annual Pan Mass Challenge in Holliston have been worth wile efforts in raising moneys for great causes.

Past Band members include; Milford guitarist Cliff Spates. Bassist and Indie-Music artist Joe Sobourin from Medway and Bass player veteran drummer/musician and entertainer Jeff (Fedge) Bishop. Fedge is best known as drummer for Alice Cooper and Rush tribute bands including a favorite local band TOYS.

Anger Management Band history starts in Milford MA by two neighborhood fathers trying to keep their kids Bobby Jr and Timmy out of trouble and busy with music. It worked, and their both good guitar players and musicians. But ‘back in the day’ the deeper band roots and musical drive goes back to when front man and founder Bob Rogers during his Holliston High School years leads local band ‘Soul America’ around the same Massachusetts reign playing gigs at well known hang outs as Timothy’s II in Framingham and nearly every VFW/American Legion stage from there to Boston.

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